Whistler Weather

Whistler is located in the Coast Mountains of BC and has a western coastal climate.  This translates to a fairly mild climate with lots of moisture coming up from the ocean. In the winter temperatures remain moderate and rarely get below -10 degrees in the valley.  In the summer temperatures are hot but still quite manageable and don’t often get above 30 degrees.

Snow Conditions in Whistler

The snow conditions in on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are usually excellent for most of the winter months. Typically the mountains will open in November and close in late May (one of the longest ski seasons in North America). Due to the high moisture content in the snow it makes for an excellent base layer allowing for a long season with fantastic spring skiing well past April. There can also be unexpected seasonal temperature swings in the winter which can make for cold light powder one week and heavy moist snow a week later.  For current temperatures and snow reports the website of Whistler Blackcomb provides all the weather information you need to plan your ski day.

Planning your Whistler Vacation

When booking a Whistler vacation rental for skiing or snowboarding the time of year you choose will determine the ski conditions. Early season in December usually has inexpensive rates but the base may be slightly shallow and the entire mountain may not be open. Christmas break and New Years Eve is an excellent time to book your Whistler accommodation however this is high season and the prices can get quite expensive during this time. February is one of the most consistent months for powder. Late March and April provides excellent spring riding and typically the rates for rentals are lower than the early months.

Summer is Whistler is also an excellent time to vacation and the weather can be very pleasant during this time. July and August are the best bets for consistent sunshine and warm nights. July and September are also nice however the weather can switch from nice and sunny to wet and rainy on a daily basis.

Weather Statistics

Average snowfall in the valley: 430.5 cm
Average snowfall in the alpine: 914 cm (30 ft)
Average winter temperatures range: –8º to 3º C (18º to 37º F)
Average summer temperature range: 9º to 27º C, (48º to 80º F
Elevation of Whistler Village: 668 m (2,190 ft)
Blackcomb Mountain peak: 2,284 m (7,494 ft)
Whistler Mountain peak: 2,182 m (7,160 ft)